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Aerotel Medical Systems

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Aerotel Medical Systems

Aerotel Medical Systems is a leading global manufacturer of modular, mobile and home based telemedicine and telecare solutions, designed to transfer essential medical and lifestyle data over the telephone, mobile phone, wireless, the Internet and other electronic media.

Aerotel Medical Systems is considered a world leader in providing cost-effective, high quality, user-friendly, medical diagnostic systems and devices for the home care, eHealth and telemedicine markets. The company provides a complete disease management package, including transtelephonic devices designed for a variety of remote diagnostic, emergency services, rehabilitation and monitoring applications, including end-to-end hardware and software platforms, with phone and web-based software solutions.

With a client base in over 40 countries around the globe, our systems are used worldwide – from India to the USA, Chile to China, and Australia to Canada

Aerotel’s Heartline’s system is winning the hearts of cardiologists and cardiac patients around the world. Remaining calm are the operative words for Heartline. With the heartline system patients can conduct normal, mobile lives, while at the same time, they and their attending physicians can rest assured knowing that a professional response to any change in their heart condition is only a phone call away.
Heartline is designed for various diagnostic, emergency and monitoring service applications, it comprises a complete range of personal, 1 to 12 lead transtelephonic or digital ECG devices for various remote diagnostic and emergency service applications. The recorded ECG signals are transmitted through the telephone, the Internet or mobile phone to a medical center, where a PC-based ECG receiving station receives the transmitted ECG and displays it for analysis and evaluation.


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