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Pulstream is a portable, light-weighted medical device for fast and precise cardiovascular monitoring (EC certificate, Class IIa). The purpose of the device is to conduct preventive examinations, identify a tendency to a disease before it runs up to critical condition, quickly find the reveal dangerous cases and eliminate possible medical errors.
During only one minute it allows to measure pulse, cardiac interval variation, exstrasystoles and pauses, coefficient of variation, vascular resistance, recovery time of vessels, vascular tone, phase (time) of extreme load (quite a lot for a small device).
Problems solved by Pulstream
– absence of home medical devices that can measure vascular tone and resistance (show the effect of drugs intake)
– no possibility of quick and accurate measurements away from medical institutions (e.g., at home, fitness)

Advantages of Pulstream device
-Reliability and accuracy
-Key performance indicators: vascular resistance and tone (our competitors do not show these parameters)
Hemodynamic monitoring
-Similar devices aren’t intended for home use and more expensive (3000 – 20000 USD).
-Our measurement time is one minute. Competing devices measure in 5 minutes.
-Modularity of the system: one device – several software products depending on the scope of application

Field of application
-Identify the risk of negative trends, which can lead to complications
-Monitor the work of the heart after a heart attack and stroke
-Monitor the development of vascular disease
-Monitor the effect of cardiac, vascular and other drugs
-Preventing dangerous overloading during sports and fitness
-Monitor the cardiovascular system after stressful situations
-Monitor the work of the heart after a drug and alcohol poisoning
-Monitor the work of the heart during the recovery period
-Cholesterol control

Email vaddim2@gmail.com
Website Link www.pulstring.com
Country Israel
State/Province South District
distance: 3,132 Miles
Address Israel
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