The Telemedicine Directory of Companies, Products and Services

Access the telemedicine industry and marketplace with the Telemedicine Directory. Listed here are equipment, devices, software, services and providers as well as sub-specialty provider networks. The directory contains an extensive index of telemedicine sub-specialty providers (tele specialists), as well as industry resources like law, licensure and reimbursement.

The TeleMedicine Directory

2015 has been called the year of telemedicine. The global telemedicine market is predicted to be $27 billion in 2016. A specialist can provide services to clinics and hospitals around the world, without leaving the office. A physician can evaluate anywhere and anytime through telemedicine, expediting the second opinion process and improving turnaround time for patients. With the current trends, doctors are now being paid for the outcome not the process, creating strong economic motivators. New regulations and standards seem to be producing a very receptive climate for telemedicine.

Telemedicine Resource Organizations