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The Telemedicine Directory of Software will direct you to the software you need to implement the solutions you require. Cloud Platforms, Enterprise Platforms, Device Applications, Telespecialty Solutions, Smartphone Apps and Telemedicine Billing Software are some of the solutions available in the The Telemedicine Directory of Software..

Mend - Paperless Automation | Telemedicine | Engagement | Satisfaction

Paperless Automation | Telemedicine | Engagement | Satisfaction - Mend is a healthcare communications platform. Mend can connect to patients anytime,

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Glorium Technologies

Glorium has started from healthcare software development. As a result, a company has a huge telemedicine project in its portfolio. It is a platform fo

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MTH is an online relational database and web-forms builder. You can create as many forms as you need. Link them using Relationships and you'll have we

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ShareKnowledge, Inc.

ShareKnowledge offers a corporate Learning Management System (LMS) for companies seeking to provide online training or ensure compliance to hundreds o



OEM eHealth Middleware for a secure and complaint longitudinal sensitive and health data management. Incorporated in 2012, Pryv SA is a Lausanne ba

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MyTelemedicine developed a proprietary, secure and HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that works in the cloud and lets healthcare providers consult


TokBox, a Telefónica company, develops and operates the OpenTok Platform, making it fast and easy to embed live video, voice, messaging and screen sh


Green Circle Health

A platform for better healthcare at lower cost. Green Circle works with healthcare providers, families, employers, insurers, public health agencies an


Telemedicine platform (telehealth platform) for clinic: ✓ Virtual meetings ✓ Multichat ✓ Schedule ✓ Billing system ✓ PHR manager ✓ S

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Eocene offers healthcare organizations a ubiquitous platform to manage their patients in the most desired and cost effective environment, their reside


SkyMD is helping dermatology providers and practice managers take patient consults, treatments, follow-ups, scheduling, and payment into the cloud. Bu

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West is the leading independent provider of healthcare advocacy products and services to employees of large organizations. Its Health Advocate divisio



MyOnCallDoc is an International Telehealth Technology Provider.  Easy to implement -affordable cloud based solution MyOnCallDoc provides a cloud-b

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Myrian® is the teleradiology work "par excellence", available in a PC or an application server in local mode or on the Internet. It is an efficient

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TCS is committed to expanding the reach of healthcare providers, improving patient care and increasing efficiencies with our solutions. A world leade



Utila's customizable patient engagement platform is designed for behavioral health providers, telehealth companies, EMR companies, EAP companies, paye


Tyto Care

Tyto's unique solution combines a handheld device and online communication platform allowing seamless and secure interaction between patients and phys

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Rijuven Corporation

Intelligent Integrated Diagnostic Telemedicine Platform- Connected Clinician Devices are the future of telemedicine.



PokitDok is the first company to bring e-commerce to healthcare and digitize the business of health through an open source application programming int

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Medicast is a technology platform that helps hospitals and health systems extend telemedicine capabilities to deliver in-home medical visits. Medic

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liveClinic Inc

"Designed with doctors in mind and patients at heart, liveClinic extends clinical reach while encouraging self-management among patients, all from the

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Chiron Health

Chiron Health is a unique telemedicine platform for outpatient follow-up care—with full regulatory and reimbursement support for physician practices


Chetu Inc

Chetu Inc is a 14-year old software development provider with a growing team of over 800 skilled engineers. Chetu's Healthcare and Pharma Group has be

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Vivify Health

Vivify Health has created the world?s first remote care platform based upon consumer mobile devices and is among the fastest growing digital health co