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Teleophthalmology is a branch of telemedicine that delivers eye care through digital medical equipment and telecommunications technology. The Telemedicine Directory index of Teleopthamologists easy access to the worldwide network of Teleopthamlogy services.


The innovative D-EYE Portable Eye and Retinal Imaging System easily attaches to an iOS or Android smartphone (Apple or Samsung), creating a fundus cam

Volk Optical Inc.

Volk Pictor is a new, truly portable digital imaging device that provides a variety of imaging capabilities with interchangeable modules. It has tw

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Canadian Teleradiology Services

CTS receives diagnostic imaging scans from hospitals and clinics, and transmits them to approved, certified radiologists, who are typically located in

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Arizona Telemedicine Program

The Arizona Telemedicine Program is advancing telehealth partnerships with state and national resources. We offer full-day training courses accredited

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JEDMED Instrument Company

At JEDMED, a premier medical and dental instrument and equipment company, the quality products and reliable service we provide allow us to meet the ne

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OTN Health (Ontario Telemedicine Network)

The world leader in telemedicine, OTN helps Ontarians get more out of the health care system by bridging the distance of time and geography to bring m

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The specialists at PetRays provide consultations in a number of areas, from radiology and cardiology to a wide array of internal medicine specialties;

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University of Mississippi Center for Telehealth

University of Mississippi Center for Telehealth

Continuing education, Continuing medical education, Distance education, Mobile health (mHealth), Patient education, Patient engagement, Telecardiology

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