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Pulstream is a portable, light-weighted medical device for fast and precise cardiovascular monitoring (EC certificate, Class IIa). The purpose of the

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VedaPulse algorithm is based on the fact that the phenotype of a pulse wave is determined by the activity of the heart. VedaPulse developers managed t

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EasyScan Retinal Imaging

With EasyScan, retinopathies are more easily detectable, allowing for earlier diagnosis of retinal conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, age-relate

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CliniCloud was founded by Dr. Hon Weng Chong and Dr. Andrew Lin, two physicians who have been friends since medical school. They realized that today


TripleCare is a telemedicine-based physician group that utilizes video communication and digital diagnostic equipment to bri

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Personal MedSystems

Personal MedSystems is a pioneer in digital health. The company develops mobile diagnostic devices to enable the delivery of

EquipNet, Inc.

EquipNet, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of used equipment and instrumentation, as well as proactive asset management services and solutions f



Vocera Communications, Inc.empowers teams through intelligent, real-time communication solutions in healthcare and other mission-critical mobile envir

RE2 Robotics

RE2 Robotics is developing the next generation of mobile robotics technologies that enable your robot to better interact with the world. RE2's researc

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MediTouch Tutor

MediTouch Tutor devices and MediTutor software allows for tele-rehabilitation. The Physical or Occupational therapist can adjust the rehabilitation ne

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Telematic Medical Applications

Telematic Medical Applications is a leading Healthcare System Integrator and Value Added Solutions Provider in the area of Integrated Computer science

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Have you ever wondered what makes marathon runners push themselves to the limit, or smokers to inhale something they know could kill them? We think ab


Zeriscope, Inc.

Zeriscope is dedicated to the future of healthcare and medical telepresence. Zeriscope develops and manufactures telemedicine remote presence medical

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Welch Allyn

For 100 years, Welch Allyn has brought a unique perspective to developing diagnostic solutions with a visionary spirit of innovation. The flexible Wel

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Volk Optical Inc.

Volk Pictor is a new, truly portable digital imaging device that provides a variety of imaging capabilities with interchangeable modules. It has tw

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Focus groups have named UnaliWear “OnStar for People” because we provide discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and a guard against wan

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Tyto Care

Tyto's unique solution combines a handheld device and online communication platform allowing seamless and secure interaction between patients and phys

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Thinklabs One - the smallest, most powerful stethoscope in the world. Ideal for telemedicine/mHealth, and the gold standard in electronic stethoscope



swyMed brings a new dimension of mobility to medical care. By providing quality audio and video and the ability to easily switch among medical diagno

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Strongarm Designs

Strongarm Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of display and keyboard interface solutions specifically designed for the healthcare industry. The Clea


Sensogram Technologies, Inc.

Sensogram Technologies designs, produces and markets innovative biosensors built into easy-to-use wireless wearble mobile devices that allow real-time

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SD Biosensor

SD Biosensor has developed accurate test systems which diagnose blood glucose, lipid, and HbA1c levels simply and quickly with just a drop of blood. A

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Rebonson, Inc.

Rebonson Inc. has 16 year experience in manufacturing and distribution of medical equipment. We provide not only products but also opportunity to dist


Palo Alto Health Sciences

Palo Alto Health Sciences offers the Freespira Breathing System; the first non-pharmaceutical, at-home treatment for panic disorder patients. Under t



Our first product is an Android Based highly integrated Internet enabled patient monitor with additional functionality such as being able to measure w

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As the world leader in Home Blood Pressure Monitor with annual 15 million units sold globally, OMRON now presents the newly designed Bluetooth Low Ene

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MinXray, Inc.

MinXray, Inc. founded in 1967 is dedicated to providing compact, portable x-ray equipment where larger units would be impractical or too costly to use

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State of the art Interactive Remote Microscopy for Telepathology with global access to real time or saved whole slide images.

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