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The Telemedicine Directory TeleSpecialist Network is the most extensive directory of clinical specialty telemedicine providers worldwide. The TeleSpecialist Network provides instant access to TeleRadiologists, TelePsychiatrists, General Practice, TeleDiagnostics, TeleDiabetes, even TeleVeterinary services. Access the world of specialists 24/7/365 with the Telemedicine Directory TeleSpecialist Network.

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Telehealth Certification Institute

It is the mission of Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC, to create professionalism throughout the Telehealth industry. The training program to

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United Behavioral Health Solution Inc.

UBHS is a behavioral health provider group specializing telepsychiatry. Our psychiatrists have experience providing coverage in corrections, nursing

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MIA Direct

MIA Direct delivers medical images and reports directly to referring doctors using the benefits of broadband internet to complement hard copy film. It

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Critical Medical Solutions

Critical Medical Solutions Inc. takes a multi-discipline approach to improving the health and well-being of our patients. Our focus is critical care m

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Radiology Reporting

By having a specialized teleradiology department specifically dedicated to looking after teleradiology cases we can ensure the smooth flow of reports

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Cyber Teleradiology

yber Teleradiology Solutions (CTS) is knowledge process outsourcing firm, based in Pune. The company started its services in 2004. It has been the pio

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Pediatric Radiology of America

Pediatric Radiology of America, A Division of ARIS Radiology (PRA) is a premier national pediatric teleradiology service provider with top-notch techn

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Telerad India

Telerad India aims at providing best and high quality teleradiology services 24 hours, a day; 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. Our goal is to p

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UrgentRad Teleradiology provides high quality radiological interpretations for Urgent Care, Immediate Care, Walk-in centers, and Emergency Care provid

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CIRPA's Teleradiology Department can provide your organization with the kind of image and reporting access that provides vital answers to referring ph

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Medcub is inovative company that provide radiology services via internet to hospitals and doctors. Medcub has highly competent team of experts in Eur

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IDS Teleradiology

Our teleradiology solutions help you succeed. Whether you need a complete reporting solution or a technology infrastructure, let IDS give you the tool

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AltaPACS has developed applications to receive electronic order information using the HL7 protocol, track each order for billing purposes, and return

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The DCA group brings to you the cutting-edge and high-end technological advancements in radiology and diagnostics with the introduction of their Teler

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Our teleradiologists deliver your hospital a flexible and on-demand extension of your radiology workforce, providing you with virtual, yet real and pr

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Vision Radiology

Simply put, our mission is to provide unsurpassed care during understaffed hours. Below are some of the ways that we have maintained a unique standard

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Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is at the forefront when it comes to outsourced Teleradiology services, providing advanced diagnostic teleradiology solutions to d

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Columbia Asia Radiology group

CARG provides reporting services for all imaging modalities. The reports can be delivered within 3 hours in a ready to print format. The re

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Lexicon Consultants Pvt Ltd

Subscription based Teleradiology Services for Imaging Centers Do you want to reduce the operational costs of running your center? Or you want to quic

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Sun Teleradiology

Sun Teleradiology (formerly SDI Teleradiology) began nearly 20 years ago from a need to support our group’s in-hospital services at two Tampa hospit

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PetRad is a leader in veterinary teleradiology. Our servers are online 24/7, ready to receive digital images from your practice. Results are typically

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SRL Tele-radiology

SRL is the largest radiology service provider in India, with 20 imaging centres and a team of more than 65 highly competent radiologists. We have alre

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Advanced Radiology Solutions

Advanced Radiology Solutions (ARS) provides teleradiology service to medical imaging providers looking for a variety of coverage’s to include: overn

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Vesta brings you teleradiology solutions and services, providing 24x7x365 access to our highly qualified Board-Certified radiologists through a secure

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PsychMD Services ensures that the interaction between patient and psychiatrist complies with the Health Insurance Portability and​ Accountability Ac

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Encounter Telepsychiatry

Encounter Telepsychiatry provides quality mental and behavioral health services from licensed psychiatric providers. We offer convenient telepsychiatr

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Voyager National Telepsychiatry Network

Introducing Voyager's National Telepsychiatry Network - Welcome to the Age of Telepsychiatry Telepsychiatry is a convenient, private, and cost-effect

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