DaVincian Healthcare

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DaVincian Healthcare

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DaVincian Healthcare

DaVincian Healthcare arose out of a vision to improve worldwide access and affordability of healthcare by leveraging mobile technology and analytics, to facilitate engagement and improve healthcare outcomes. In 2014, a dedicated group of visionaries began brainstorming and developing the technology necessary to adapt DaVincian’s existing products into a mobile landscape, as well as develop new products in a rapidly expanding mobile environment.  Their work attracted seed investment that catalyzed the research, technology, and strategy processes necessary to transition their visions into reality. The healthcare market took notice as the products and services matured and early adopters utilized DaVincian’s next generation capabilities.

The DaVincian Healthcare founders recognized the need to focus on acquiring a world class leadership team, industry-leading partnerships, and worldwide alliances and clients. In response, DaVincian adopted a “social mission driven culture” that succeeded in attracting the world’s premier talent. The denominator of DaVincian’s leadership, partnerships, and alliances is the inexorable desire to make a positive difference in healthcare. Moreover, DaVincian’s growth strategy embraces the social mission driven culture: every company directive must contribute to make quality healthcare accessible, sustainable, and affordable worldwide.

DaVincian’s partnerships embody DaVincian’s unparalleled devotion in providing and facilitating access to affordable quality healthcare to individuals across the globe. Our partner, Beyond Limits, created the inferential artificial general intelligence engine that powered NASA’s Mars rover and deep-space exploration. Partnered with Beyond Limits, DaVincian has incorporated Beyond Limits’ artificial general intelligence technology into DaVincian’s products to enhance outcomes and reduce costs through advanced analytics and informatics.

Another of DaVincian’s partners, VSee, is the telemedicine platform used by astronauts on the International Space Station. VSee is not only the world’s largest telemedicine platform, but it is the most technologically advanced by an order of magnitude. In addition, VSee provides an encrypted HIPAA compliant and secure platform for all of our mobile communication services.

Our partner, Mozido, is the worldwide leader in mobile payment solutions and is already integrated into the DaVincian Platform as a Service.

With our partnerships, DaVincian delivers an integrated product suite utilizing cutting-edge technologies that were previously commercially unavailable, enabling unique and powerful clinical, financial, and engagement solutions. The combination of DaVincian’s human, technological, and partner resources provides the means to solve today’s problems with tomorrow’s technology.

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